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 Many customers who contact us for a quote do not mention what type of event they are planning. We stock tents and canopies suitable for any occasion and we break them down into three basic categories: A, B, and C. Tents in the “A” category are new or like new. These tents are great as rentals for weddings, rehearsal dinners and other special events. We also have striped tents and white tents with minor stains that may not look good as a wedding tent but make great party tents and work well for most corporate events, grand openings, sales promotions etc. These tents are “B” grades and more economical than “A” tent rentals. In addition we have some “C” grade tents that are even more economical and great for festivals, flea markets, family reunions, yard sales, fund raisers and temporary storage canopy rentals. These C’s are available for sale sometimes cheaper than renting an A grade. None of the tents we send out have holes or structural damage that would make them unsafe. I hope this information is helpful and we welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics in the blog. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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Steve Shaw
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